2007. október 3., szerda

The struggle goes on

EOS 20D, 24mm/2,8, Hoya HR72 - a hotspot issue:

Same with 24-85/4-5,6. No hotspot.

And with a Voigtlaender T + 21mm, Cokin 007 and Kodak HIE:

Anyway I never could make a decent shot below an exposure of 180sec with my EOS, meaning tripod and release cord. Using HIE though, at the standard 125/11 exposure and with external viewer on the rangefinder, is a delight. Here something went wrong, however:

It's "only" on the first 18 shots or so, then disappears, so maybe there's an issue with the camera body. But then the same body worked perfectly in Normandy and produced great shots on the same film later, so... maybe the film was out of mood or something.

2007. szeptember 2., vasárnap

Canon 20D, Hoya R72 @1600 ISO, 60 sec

2007. augusztus 26., vasárnap

France, Normandy (Omaha Beach)
all images in this post: Kodak HIE, 21mm, exp: 1/125 @11

France, Picardy

Paris, Père Lachaise

Paris, Jardin du Luxembourg